Wakefield Harriers

Distance Runners 2013 Club Championship

Date                 Event Distance Type Results Link
Sun 17th Feb Wombwell 5 5 Miles Road Results
Sun 3rd Mar Norton 9 9 Miles Road Results
Sat 23rd Mar Northern Road Relays Various Road Cancelled
Sun 14th Apr Wakefield Hospice 10K 10 Km Road Results
Sun 5th May Bluebell Trail 10 Miles approx Multi-Terrain Results
Wed 15th May Askern 10K 10 Km Road Results
Sat 1st Jun Dewsbury Park Run 5 Km Road Results
Sun 7th Jul Eccup 10 Mile 10 Miles Road Results
Wed 17th Jul Nostell Priory 10k 10 Km Multi-Terrain Results
Wed 31st Jul Dewsbury 'Flat Cap 5' 5 Miles Off-Road Results
Wed 7th Aug Wakefield 5k Challenge Race 1 5 Km Road Results
Sun 11th Aug Askern 10 Miles 10 Miles Road Results
Sat 31st Aug Yorkshire Road Relays 2/4 Miles Road Results
Sat 28th Sep Pontefract Park Run 5 Km Road Results
Sun 20th Oct 1st WYL XC,Wakefield Various Cross Country Results
Sun 27th Oct Harewood Trail 10 Miles approx Multi-Terrain Results
Sun 17th Nov Barnsley 10K 10 Km Road Results
Sun 17th Nov Abbey Dash 10 Km Road Results
Sun 1st Dec 4th WYL XC, Guiseley Various Cross Country Results

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Club Championship Rules

For the 2013 Distance Runners Club Championship there will be chosen events, with the best 8 races to count, which must include a minimum of 1 multi-terrain or cross country race. Runners who complete more than 8 races will forfeit their lowest score, unless their lowest score is for a multi-terrain/cross country race.
There will only be one mixed Championship table, with prizes awarded to the top 5 scorers irrespective of gender, once the series has been completed.
Runners must enter the races as a Wakefield Harrier, and must be registered with England Athletics as a member of Wakefield District Harriers & AC.
Points will be awarded as per World Masters Association WMA06 tables (% x 10) as per the website www.runbayou.com, with multi-terrain/cross country amended to take account of terrain and conditions underfoot, as described later. The points are scored according to an age and gender graded table, which will tell us, for example, whether a 37 mins 30 secs 10K time for a 48 year old male is better than 40 mins 30 secs for a 30 year old female.
Proposed races are subject to change, and may be substituted with other races if they clash with more important events, such as the championships and relays that Wakefield District Harriers & A.C. participate in.

In order to take account of wide differences in terrain and conditions underfoot the following scoring method will apply. Take the time of the runner 10% down the field and get WMA points for a senior male for this time. If these points are x then the multiplier for all other race points is 693/x. (24 recent flattish local road races of varying distances from 5k to 1/2 marathon averaged 693 WMA points for the time of the runner 10% down the field, measured as a senior male.) Very occasionally, if rogue results occur, the points multiplier might be tweaked a little to give results more in line with norm for consistent runners.

Tony Smith has agreed to-coordinate the results for the championship, and the championship results table will be added to this page after each race. Tony can be contacted on tonywilliam@smith70.fsbusiness.co.uk for any queries about results, or suggestions for future events for the championship.

Links to the race and entry details courtesy of uk.results.net

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