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Club Records

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2017 Saw an outstanding new Senior Women's 5000m record from Amy-Eloise Neale in the USA, the U20 Ladies and U17 Ladies 60m record broken twice by Leonie Ashmeade, who also broke the U17 100m record, and the U13 Girl Pole Vault broken three times by Amy Hunt. Aran Thomas broke 2 records in the U17 Men's age group, in the Indoor Pentathlon & Discus, and Thomas Wood also broke 2 records, setting new figures in the U15 Boys 60m and 300m.

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2016 saw U20 High Jumper Abby Ward leap into international class, with her new senior ladies and U20 records of 1.89m indoors, and a new record outdoors of 1.86m outdoors. Indoor sprint records were set by U17 Leonie Ashmeade, U15 Amelia Bunton, and U13 Olivia Roe, and several records were broken by outstanding all-rounder U15 Aran Thomas, in the Discus, Pentathlon & Octathlon.

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2015 was one of the quietest years for Club Records, with just five Ladies and Girls records broken, by Abby Ward, Leonie Ashmeade, Amelia Bunton, Olivia Roe & Brodie Ashton, and only one equalled for the Men, from Alfie West in the U17 100m.

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2014 got off to a good start with Julie Briscoe running a superb new Marathon record, as she was 3rd British lady in the London Marathon. The jumpers have been busy breaking records this year, with English Schools Champion Abby Ward breaking the U17 Women's & U20 Women's High Jump record twice, and George Heppinstall breaking the U17 Men's Pole Vault record three times. Aran Thomas has broken the U13 Javelin record three times, and U11 athletes Ben Chafer & Olivia Roe have each broken more than one sprint record in their age group.

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2013 started with Abigail Roberts in prolific form again, improving the U17 Pole Vault several times, and becoming the first U17 athlete since Alan Slack in 1975 to hold a club record outright. Our other outstanding jumper Abby Ward improved the U15 High Jump record twice, and also beat the U17 record. Sally Smith broke the U20 400m record twice, and also took the 800m record. However the best record of all came from international Charlene Thomas, who took the club 1500m record further into world class, as well as recording new bests at 1000m and the Mile. For the men Scott Atkinson was this year's star performer, breaking the U20 records at 200m and 400m, as well as being part of the team that equalled the 4 x 100m U20 record.

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2012 started with William Rotherforth breaking all the U17 sprint records, some of which has been held by his father Lindsay since 1979 ! Abigail Roberts was also in prolific form again, improving the U17 Pole Vault several times. Abby Ward made a great advance, improving the U15 Girls High Jump twice, and International Charlene Thomas claimed yet another senior record with her new 1000m record, set indoors in the USA.

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2011 saw Abigail Roberts carrying on from where she left off last year, with new records in the U15 & U17 Pole Vault. We've also had Charlene Thomas back on form, with a new 3000m record set indoors, and a great new Half Marathon record from our other distance international Julie Briscoe. The talented U17 Ladies squad have been prolific, with Grace Eyles in particular breaking the 300m record no less than 4 times!

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2010 was a fairly quite year so far for club records broken, with our international athletes unable to improve their PBs and club records. However Julie Briscoe ran two superb new ladies Marathon records, to bring what used to be one of our weakest records almost into international class. We had a few records broken across all the younger age groups, and across most events, with Abigail Roberts being the most prolific record breaker in the U15 & U17 Pole Vault. We've also had a family double act, with the O'Connor brothers getting a record apiece in the U17 age group.

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2009 was a good year for club records broken, with our international athletes Emily Freeman, Charlene Thomas & Zara Hohn improving their PBs and club records, moving some of them further into true world class, and helping to raise the club's profile. Our U20 800m stars Jack Hallas and Thomas Atkinson took it in turns to lower the long standing U20 800m record, and the prolific Lauren Proctor broke two U17 records which also improved the U20 records at the same time. We also had a good number of records broken across all the younger age groups, and across most events.

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2008 has been another good year for club records, with our international athletes all on good form, and taking some of the senior records further into World Class territory. Emily Freeman twice improved her 200m best to 22.72s to now rank 6th in the UK all-time rankings, and Martyn Bernard improved his High Jump best to 2.30m to also rank 6th in the UK all-time rankings. Meanwhile Charlene Thomas & Zara Hohn improved their 1500m records and 100m Hurdles records on more than one occasion.
In the younger age groups new members Sally Smith & Lauren Proctor have been taking the U15 and U17 middle distance records, and Bethany Porter, Grace Eyles and Zoe Kerins broke several indoor records. Zoe in particular has been prolific, taking most of the U13 girl's sprint outdoor records too, whilst Thomas Atkinson has carried on from where he left off last year breaking records in the U17 age group.

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2007 was one of the busiest years for club records! We saw Aine Hoban in scintillating form, breaking the club records at 3000m, 5000m & 10000m whilst studying in the USA, and the returning Martyn Bernard took the club High Jump record into World Class, as well as surprisingly breaking Mike Harrison's long standing Triple Jump record. Emily Freeman was in top form, running new records for 100m, 200m, 300m and 400m, and Charlene Thomas (formerly Snelgrove) twice smashed the 1500m record, as well as moving the Mile record into world class.
In the younger age groups Mikaela Harrison twice ran a new U20 400m record, Jack Hallas broke Richard Hollings' long standing U17 1500m record, with Thomas Atkinson taking the 800m record, and Grace Eyles and Olivia Radcliffe were busy in the U13 girls age group, with Grace now holding 4 records in that age group.

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2006 Saw several indoor records being broken, with Zara Hohn's AAA U20 winning performance in the 60m Hurdles breaking both the U20 and Senior record. Emily Freeman showed great form, lowering her 60m record 3 times, and Laura Whittingham broke the long standing Shot Putt record, held since 1975 by Jean Atack.
Outdoors Zara twice lowered her U20 100mH record, and Emily Freeman substantially improved her 100m and 200m records from 4 years ago. For the men Rimantas Martisauskas erased the long standing Shot Putt record of Martyn Fletcher from 1988.

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2005 was another good year for records. It saw the two young sprinters Lucy Holmes and Craig Simpson breaking or equalling Club Records, and senior distance running stars Charlene Snelgrove and Aine Hoban trimmed their own records. Zara Hohn was also been in scintillating form, breaking the high hurdles records, and Laura Whittingham broke the Javelin record 4 times, making a major advance into the senior ranks whilst still an U20.

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2004 was the busiest year for some time for Club Records. Early in the year we saw several Womens Distance club records go, and at last we had a new Womens Marathon record, with Eileen Mannion recording a very respectable 3hrs 6mins at London. She also recorded a good 20 Mile record during her preparations for London, whilst Julie O'Mara improved her own Half Marathon record.
On the track Zara Hohn re-wrote the 80m & 100m Hurdles records at both U17 and U20 levels, whilst the Hackney sisters were busy in several events. As expected, Naida Bromley smashed the U20 Heptathlon record (twice) in her first year in the age group. Charlene Snelgrove lowered the Womens 800m record three times, and Paul Rice had a hand in three records in the U17 Mens age group.

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2003 again saw many new club records, with the girls as in 2002 leading the way.
Our U20 World Cross Country runner Aine Hoban excelled on the track as well, revising the 1500m (twice), 3000m and 5000m records. U20 International Chris Kirk had an outstanding season in the Long Jump, finally beating Alan Slack's U20 and Senior record from 1975, and extending it further when winning the U20 AAA title. Sarah Beevers also broke new ground in the Steeplechase events, whilst Naida Bromley broke the U17 Ladies Heptathlon record 3 times on her way to winning the AAA and English schools titles.

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2002 saw many new club records, with the girls in particular revising many of the figures.
Emily Freeman improved all the Senior Ladies sprint records this year, with new figures for 60m indoors, 100m, 200m (during the Commonwealth Games Trials), and at 400m, in her first attempt at the distance ! She was also part of the team revising the 4 x 400m record.
Naida Bromley was also prolific in the U17 age group, with a spectacular long jump of 5.95m, and with an excellent score when winning the AAAs U17 Heptathlon title. She also did very well at 300m & 400m hurdles, with new figures which also broke the U20 records.
Amongst the men U17 athlete Chris Kirk was the most successful, with a new Decathlon record, and with new figures for 60m and 60m hurdles indoors. He also had an excellent season in the long jump, with a best of 7.06m. However he was still some way short of Alan Slack's former UK U17 record of 7.25 from 1975.

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