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Club Membership

Initially you do not have to be a member of the club and you may attend any of the club training evenings and simply pay the appropriate training fees. We normally allow a period of approximately 4 weeks to give you time to decide whether or not athletics is for you. After this if you decide to continue training with the club we will expect you to apply for membership.

Becoming a member of an athletics club affiliated to the U.K.A. is an important step in your athletics career. Before applying for membership you should have enquired about the facilities, privileges and obligations of joining the club. The following information may be useful:

a)     The club has the following categories of membership:-
             (1) First Claim membership.
             (2) Associate membership. (non-active social members, e.g. parents)
             (3) Second Claim membership. (Limited to members of other athletic clubs who
                   are in the area due to work / education reasons. This is an annual fee.)

b)    The current annual membership fees are :-
             (1) 45 for First Claim athletes aged 18+, including EA Registration.
             (2) 35 for First Claim athletes aged 11-17, including EA Registration.
             (3) 20 for First Claim athletes aged 8-10.
             (4) 15 for Associate non-active social membership.

        Once accepted as a First Claim or Associate member you will remain a member until
        you resign by letter, or fail to renew your membership.

        The fees for Second Claim membership are 15 per year.
        Second claim members are able to train with the club on club training evenings, take
        part in club events, and compete for the club in some closed competitions.
        They will not however be able to compete in open competition.
        It is the Second Claim member's responsibility to ensure that this fee is renewed
        annually otherwise their membership will lapse.

c)    Children from the age of 8 are accepted into membership, but do not come under the
        jurisdiction of the governing bodies until they reach the age of 11.
        Please note there is limited competition for minor athletes.

d)    All members under the age of 18 must train under the supervision of the club's
        nominated coaches.

e)    The club insists on a certain standard of discipline from it's members, and we expect
        you to comply with this at all times. The club has the right to expel members whose
        conduct is unacceptable.
        Please acquaint yourself with the club rules displayed on the club notice board.

f)    All members must pay the appropriate fee for each training session, which is currently
        2.50 per session.

g)    If you are not already covered by a personal accident or injury insurance policy,
        you are advised to obtain such a policy.

h)    Please have all items of personal equipment (i.e. tracksuit, training shoes etc.,) marked
        with your name. Thornes Park athletic stadium is used by other members of the public
        as well as club members. Under no circumstances should you leave any valuables in
        the changing rooms. Please take them with you or hand them over to your coach or to
        the track management for safe keeping.

i)     New members are accepted at the monthly management committee meeting. Until
        your membership application is accepted you will be issued with a temporary
        membership card to use the track facilities at the club's discounted rate.

Once you have decided to become a member of the club, collect a membership application form from the clubhouse, or

Click here to download Membership Application Form.

When complete, hand it in with the appropriate fee and a stamped addressed envelope to the club cabin, or to any club committee member.

All athletes who wish to compete have to pay a registration fee each year to England Athletics. This is now 15 each year, and should be paid before 31st March, along with the completed form, if you haven't paid already.

Click here to download England Athletics Registration Form

For all information about membership or other information about the club contact the Membership Secretary, at membership@wakefieldharriers.org.uk