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Details from this page last updated - 5th March 2019

Here are links to XL files containing Wakefield Harriers road running age group records, and all time rankings of the senior runners at the 10 Km, 10 Mile, Half Marathon & Marathon distances.

Mens Age Group Road Running Records       Mens All Time Road Running Rankings
Womens Age Group Road Running Records       Womens All Time Road Running Rankings

These should give our current leading runners some targets to chase, and some of our veteran runners records to try and break as they move up the age groups. The 10 Km distance has the most entries in the rankings, as it is a distance that the middle distance runners as well as the long distance runners have a go at.

For the women these records and rankings are pretty complete, as most of Wakefield's leading runners have been doing their competing during the last 15 years, where results are available. We can be sure that Julie Briscoe's excellent performances in 2011 are the F35 records, however some of the veteran records for age groups F40 onwards are not certain.

For the men these records and rankings have some of the best performances missing, as the most successful period for the club on the roads was probably the period 1965 - 1975, where information is scarce. But we are grateful to Guy Goodair for doing a lot of research, and finding many of the best performances during this period from his AW collection. However there were no 10K races during this era, as race distances then were nearly always in imperial distances, and many races were not over standard distances. But with races like the famous Morpeth to Newcastle event, which at 13.5 miles was longer than a half marathon, times recorded in this race have been including in the half marathon rankings. Some excellent 6 mile times can't be included in the 10k lists though, as the distance is less than 10k. The M35 and M40 records of Dave Gratton are very good indeed, and are probably correct, but some of the records in the older age categories are not certain.

If anyone has any performances or amendments to add to this lists, then please Email Tom Coney with details.

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