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Junior Jets

Competition Winners

Winter 2000/2001 Overall Winners
Christopher Brennan - Mikaela Harrison

Boys Under 11 Under 10 Under 9
1st Christopher Brennan Allan Vennard
2nd Christopher Smith Scott Morton
3rd Craig Simpson Tom Howden
1st Mikaela Harrison Faye Mitchell Chelsea Wilson
2nd Dionne Jones Hannah Evenden Kristi Shaw
3rd Sarah Endersby Kirsty Hitchen Alora Adie

Summer 2000 Overall Winners
Michael Knighton - Samantha Lambert

Boys Under 11 Under 10 Under 9
1st Michael Knighton Matthew Gill Allan Vennard
2nd Simon Taylor Christopher Brennan Thomas Smith
3rd Christopher McLauchlan Christopher Smith Adam Birdsall
1st Samantha Lambert Samantha Swaine Faye Mitchell
2nd Sarah Endersby Kirsty Hitchen Alison Young
3rd Narelle Beckley-Perry Hannah Evenden Chelsie Carroll

Winter 1999/2000 Overall Winners
Christopher Brennan - Samantha Lambert

Boys Under 11 Under 10 Under 9
1st Kyle Hodson Christopher Brennan Allan Vennard
2nd Michael Knighton Matthew Gill Thomas Smith
3rd Damian World Christopher Smith Connor Garg
1st Samantha Lambert Mikaela Harrison Hannah Evenden
2nd Natasha Shaw Samantha Swaine Lisa Taylor
3rd Hazel Smith Jasmine Fitzgerald Kirsty Hitchen

Summer 1999 Overall Winners
Christopher Brennan - Lucy Perkin

Boys Under 11 Under 10 Under 9
1st James Richardson Alex Vasis Christopher Brennan
2nd Christopher Lockwood Michael Knighton Nicholas Wood
3rd John Robinson Joseph Clay Joshua Oldfield
1st Lucy Perkin Sarah Endersby Samantha Swaine
2nd Stephanie Gall Rebecca Workman Kirsty Hitchen
3rd Alex Cambell Georgina Thickett Frances Cawthorne

Winter 1998/99 Overall Winners
Stephen Brennan - Lucy Perkin

Boys Under 11 Under 10 Under 9
1st Stephen Brennan Christopher Lockwood Christopher Brennan
2nd Jamie Wilson Christian Cawthorne Tim Smeaton
3rd Ry Lodge-Brown James McGuirk Matthew Gill
1st Laura McGuirk Lucy Perkin Samantha Swaine
2nd Laura Wray Stephanie Gall Bernadette Dales
3rd Nicola Reynolds Alex Cambell Frances Cawthorne