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Wakefield Harriers Indoor Open Meeting

Report by: Bryan Murray

16th January 2000 - Thornes Park, Wakefield

Host club Wakefield Harriers had a good turnout for the indoor meeting at Thornes Park Stadium.

The Women's 60m hurdles was all Wakefield with Kerry Jury, Ruth Dales and Kirsty Hodson to the fore.

Jury and Dales fought out the first three hurdles together with Jury edging it in 8.9 secs. Dales was second in 9.2secs. Hodson completed the race but only after her stride pattern had faltered.

U17s ladies brought together Wakefield's Emily Mason and Ruth Laybourn. In a closely-fought race, Mason was first in 9.5 secs and Laybourn came home third in 10 seconds flat.

Wakefield Wildcats physio and Wakefield athlete Gary Slade was a close second in the men's 60m dash. Slade turned in a good run for a 7.6 secs finish.

U20 man Jonathon Shearn had a good start to forge a clear win in the short sprint in 7.6 secs.

In the junior/senior womens 60m sprint, Melanie Pickersgill (Barnsley) was up against three Wakefield athletes but prevailed at the dip with Dales second in 8.3 secs, Hodson third and Tara Wilson fourth, the two latter Wakefield athletes both clocking 8.8 secs.

U17 men Alan Ruddock and John Uridge were neck and neck from the start in their 60m event, Ruddock just holding out for first in 7.5 secs two tenths ahead of Uridge.

The U17 women's 60m was an all-Wakefield event. Ruth Laybourn edged out team-mates Emily Mason and Victoria Lockwood with an 8.3 secs win to 8.6 and 8.7 respectively.

Laura Robinson dominated the U15 girls 60m sprint, winning by half-a-metre in 8.4 secs. Nicole Walsh had a fine run to place third with 8.6 secs.

Best performance in the U11 girls was from Samantha Lambert 9.5 secs for first in heat 2 of the 60m. U15 girls Ashlea Myers, Vicky Peacock and Joanne Smith clocked 8.8 secs, 9.4 secs and 9.4 secs respectively.

Times in the U13 boys were Liam Ramsden 9.8 secs, Steven Brennan 10.0 secs, John Paul Dales 10.0 secs, Anthony Birdsall 10.0 secs, Christopher Smith 11.4 secs.

Times for the U 11 girls were as follows: Michaela Shaw 9.8 secs, Samantha Shaw 10.5 secs, Emily Stevenson 10.8 secs, Georgina Thickett 11.2 secs, Hazel Smith 12.1 secs, Vicky Peacock 10.5 secs, Adel Gowland 10.6 secs, A Horton 10.9 secs, Bernadette Dales 11.1 secs.