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Grasscrete Trophy Invitation Meeting

Report by: Bryan Murray

28th May 2000 - Thornes Park, Wakefield

Wakefield Harriers hosted its annual Grasscrete Trophy invitation match for men and women at Thornes Park Stadium, Wakefield.

The weather was hardly perfect early on, with strong rain and wind putting a damper on proceedings, but it soon cleared when the competition started. There were a few athletes returning after injury for the home club, who were hoping to retain the trophy.

A close contest ensued with both Scunthorpe and District and Nestle Rowntrees AC pressing Harriers in most events.

In the 4x100m relays, Harriers dominated with five victories, with the large gathering of spectators treated to some fine athletics, with Harriers eventually triumphing in the overall event.

Match totals: first place Wakefield Harriers 542 points; 2nd - Scunthorpe and District AC 511; 3rd - Nestle Rowntrees AC 461; 4th Doncaster and Stainforth 441; 5th Cleethorpes and District AC 162; 6th -Barnsley AC 132.

Wakefield Harriers field results:

Senior men:- hammer: Robert Taylor 44.41 m (2nd), C Carlton 23.13m (4th); triple jump: John Uridge 12.17m (1st); B event Matt Gillard 10.19m (1st); shot putt: Matt Gillard 11.14m (1st), B event C CarIton 11.12m (1st); javelin: Chris Hughff 53.41m (1st); high jump Chris Hughff 1.85m (1 st).

Senior women:- triple jump: Katie Richardson 10.37m (1st), B event Tara Wilson 9.52m (1st); hammer: Helen Taylor 46.04m (1st), B event Lynsey Jones 41.60m (1st); high jump: Tara Wilson 1.50m (1st); javelin: Michelle Lonsdale 37.41m (1st) shot putt: Sharon Pryke 10.67m (1st); B event Jenny Cunnane 9.75m (1st)

U 17 men's high jump: Martyn Bernard 1.80m (1st) U17 women high jump Ruth Laybourn 1.50m (1st) B event Kimberley Nallon 1.45m (1st); discus: Linda Jowett 12.29m (3rd); shot putt: Sarah Nicholls 7.11 m (2nd), B event S Drake 5.84m (1st); long jump Victoria Lockwood 4.32m (1st), B event Kimberley Nallon 4.03m (1st); U15 boys long jump: John Fletcher 5.64m (1st) B event James Fox 4.21m (1st); U15 girls long jump: Lynsey Green 4.57m (2nd); U13 boys; long jump Jamie Wilson 3.87m (2nd), B event Christopher Lockwood 3.30m (1st) U13 girls, long jump Z Smeaton 3.45 (4th), B event D Welsh 3.26m (2nd).

Wakefield Harriers Track Results:

Under 13 girls 800m: Jaydene Wright 2.48.3 (1st) B event Z Smeaton 3.09.1; 100m: Sarah Jowett 14.7 (4th) B event D Walsh 15.6 (4th); U13 boys 100m: Christopher Lockwood 16.8 (4th); 200m Jamie Wilson 32.4 (5th); U15 girls 800m: Carly Wright 2.32 (1st), B event E Hardbuttle 2.51.8 (2nd); 100m: Laura Robinson 13.1 (1st), B event Nicolle Welsh 13.6 (1st); 200m: Laura Robinson 26.4 (1st), B event Olivia Smith 27.4 (1st); U15 boys 100m: C Hitchen 13.9 (4th), B event James Fox 13.9; 200m: John Fletcher 26.3 (3rd); 800m: W Barry 2.20.9 (2nd).

U17 men 200m: John Uridge 24.3 (1st); 100m John Uridge 11.6 (1st); 400m: Martyn Bernard 56.5 (2nd); U17 women 80m hurdles: Ruth Laybourn 13.4 (2nd), B event Kimberley Nallon 14,9 (2nd); 200m : Linda Jowett 29.6 (3rd); 100m: Victoria Lockwood 14.0 (3rd); 800m Samantha Colley 2.39.4 (4th), B event Faye Grant 2.47.6 (2nd).

Senior men, 800m: Whitmore 2.18.7 (3rd), B event Karl Kraus 2.20.2 (2nd); 100m: Matthew Young 11.7 (1st), B event Steve Thorpe 12.3 (2nd); 400m: Mark Ainsworth 54.4 (4th), B event Steve Thorpe 56.8 (2nd); 200m: Matthew Young 23.2 (1st) B event Steve Thorpe 24.7 (1st); 110m: hurdles Chris Hughff (1st)

Senior women 800m: Alice Butler 2.22.0 (1st), B event Sarah Beevers 2.24.4 (1st); 100m: Louise Brear 13.4 (1st), B event Katie Richardson 13.4 (1st); 200m: Nicole Crosby 25.3 (1st), B event Louise Brear 27.5 (1st); 400m: Kerry Dobson 62.8 (1st), B event Rachael Bower 68.3 (1st); 100m hurdles: Tara Wilson (1st).