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Leeds Country Way Road Relays

October 1999

Wakefield Harriers Veterans county road runners 1999

For a group of veteran Wakefield Harriers runners, life has certainly kicked off at forty.

The vets recently won their section of the Leeds Country Way relay after coming seventh overall out of 50 teams and 600 Yorkshire-based runners.

This race is over 63 miles and requires five pairs of runners racing over local footpaths and has been dominated by Leeds and Sheffield over the last decade.

Other successes for the team include the Yorkshire Championships made up of nine 10k races, mostly off-road and around Yorkshire.

The competition got under way in February and the last one will take place in November. Currently Wakefield Harriers lead the series both on points and places with the top vets consistently in the top scoring positions, supported by a very determined middle field.

Again, other clubs have dominated these championships over many years, but now Wakefield look set to win the overall championship title and some individual medals in the top three places.

Last three results:

Pudsey 10k:
Clive Grace (M40) 8th, Dave Brailsford (M40) 9th, Steve Butler (M45) 11th, Derek Price (M40) 14th, Richard West (M40) 20th, A Audsley (M45) 23rd, Jo Johnson (M50) 41st, Stuart Anderson (M60) 49th, P Farr (M50) 57th, Ron Needham (M45) 63rd, Dot Hand (F55) 76th, G Whitworth (M50) 84th, Val Anderson (F55) 100th.

Harrogate 10k:
Richard West 6th, Clive Grace 7th, Steve Butler 9th, Dave Brailsford 12th, Derek Price 17th, Jo Johnson 31st.

Honley 10k:
Clive Grace 7th, Dave Brailsford 11th, Steve Butler 12th, Richard West 13th, Steve Wilkinson (M40) 19th, Peter Isaacs 20th, Derek Price 29th, Jo Johnson 48th, Stuart Anderson 55th, Alan Stainer (M50) 50th, J Jeffries (M50) 59th, Val Anderson 98th.