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Northern Womens League
Division 3EC

Report by: Bryan Murray

6th May 2001 - King George V Stadium, Grimsby

Wakefield finished streets ahead of the competition in their Northern Women's Athletic League opener at Grimsby. The team won the meet by over 250 points and overcame the elements at the King George V stadium to record a string of record times and distances.

Top performances came from senior long jumper Katie Richardson, Aine Hoban in the senior 3,000m, a sprint double from Laura Robinson in the 100m and 200m and Nadia Bromley's leap in the U15s Long Jump.

Kirsty Hodson and Tara Wilson won the A and B races of the 400m hurdles, and senior women hammer throwers Sarah Drake and Val Collier gained maximum points in the A and B events. Another double win came from Chloe Beckett and Abby Gowland in the javelin. Robinson and Ruth Laybourn did likewise in the 100m.

Not to be outdone, Louise Brear and Katie Richardson secured maximum points for the club. They also teamed up later to win the long jump. New club member Clare Sykes won the 400m and proud young mum Elaine Sutcliffe returned with a win in the 400m B race.

Under 15 athletes Nadia Bromley and Laura Teasdale continued the double winning trend in the shot putt. Drake and Fozzard were victorious in the U17s discus competition as well. In the 100m hurdles Wilson beat Hodson in the A race.

Emily Mason won the U17 80m hurdles, then in the 75m hurdles, both Bromley and Teasdale won their races. In form Robinson won the 200m A race and team mate Nicole Welsh was another Wakefield victor.

Mason and Laybourn claimed the points in the high jump for the u17s, and in the U15 ranks, Beckett and Kimberley Briggs scored a double win in the discus. Donna Calvert and Katie Richardson followed suit in the shot putt. Val Collier won the senior pole vault and then went onto to claim victory in the B triple jump, Maureen Kelly was second in the A event. Fozzard and Drake, in the U17 shot putt, claimed another throwing competition victory for the Harriers.

In the senior 200m, Brear won the A event and Maureen Kelly was second.

Helen Singleton was Wakefield's only competitor in the senior 1500m and she produced a devastating finish to pip Roper of Hallamshire Harriers, who lead in the final straight.

The Wakefield club won all the relays bar the U15 4x100m, when Grimsby spoiled the clean sweep.

Final match result:
Wakefield District Harriers & AC 577pts; Barnsley AC 322 Scarborough AC 284; Doncaster & Stainforth 280; Grimsby Harriers 274; Hallamshire Harriers 232.

Wakefield results for the senior women section:
Louise Brear, 100m A, tat, 13.1secs, 200m A, let, 27.2secs, long jump B, 1st, 4.52m; Katie Richardson, 11m B, 1st, 13.1secs, long jump A, 1st, 5.36, shot putt B, 1st, 8.92m; Claire Sykes, 400m A, 1st, 59.9secs; Elaine Sutcliffe, 400m B, 65secs; Zoe Gowland, Boom A, 2nd, 2min 29.4secs; Sam Colley, 800m B, 2 min 34.3 secs; Helen Singleton, 1500m A, 1st, 5 min 07.5 secs; Aine Hoban, 3000m A, 1st, 10 min 27.7 secs; Faith Grant, 3000m B, 12 min 49.9 secs; Kirsty Hodson, 400m A hurdles, 70.5 secs pb, high jump B, 1st, discus B, 5th, 100m hurdles, 1st; Tara Wilson, 100m hurdles A, 1st, 400m hurdles B, 1st; Kim Nallon, high jump A, 2nd, 1.47m pb, javelin A, 4th, 19.55m; Rebecca Wild, javelin B, 1st, 15.0m; Maureen Kelly, triple jump A, 2nd, 200m 2nd, 29.5 secs pb; Val Collier, pole vault A, 1st, triple jump B, 1st, hammer B, 1st; Donna Calvert, shot putt A, 1st, 9.42m, discus A, 1st, 36.55m; Sarah Drake, hammer A, 1st, 36.50m; Brear, Kelly, Richardson and Sutcliffe, 4x100m, 1st, 53.8 secs; Sykes, Hodson, Gowland and Singleton, 4x400m, 1st, 4 min 19.6 secs.

Wakefield results for the U17s section:
Ruth Laybourn, 300m A, 1st, 51.1 secs pb, 100m B, 1st, 13.2 secs; high jump B, 1st, 1.57m; Amy Fozzard, 300m hurdles B, 1st, 55.6 secs, discus B, 1st, 17.94m, shot putt A, 1st, 7.80m; Carly Wright, 800m A, 3rd, 2 min 31.1 secs, 300m A, 2nd, 46.4 secs, 80m hurdles B, 3rd; Lisa Hall, 800m B, 2nd, 2 min 40.2 secs, 300m B, 2nd, 48.1 secs; Laura Robinson, 100m A, 12.7 secs pb, 200m A, 1st, 25.4 secs pb; Nicole Welsh, long jump A, 3rd, 4.37m, 200m B, 1st, 25.9 secs pb; Faith Grant, long jump B, 3rd, 3.37m; Sarah Drake, discus A, 1st, 23.9m, shot putt B, 6.89m; Emily Mason, 80mH A, 1st, 12.4secs, high jump A, 1st, 1.60m; Laybourn, Robinson, Mason and Welsh, 4x100m 1st, 52.0 secs.

Wakefield results for the U15s section:
Veronica Noonan, high jump B, 2nd, 1.37m; Chloe Beckett, high jump B 1st, 1.37m pb, discus A, 1st, 27.04m pb, javelin A, 1st, 25.79m pb; Naida Bromley, shot putt A, 1st, 9.38m, 75m hurdles A, 1st, 12.9 secs, long jump A, 1st, 5.09m; Laura Teesdale, shot putt B, 1st, 8.49m, 75m hurdles B, 1st, 14.4 secs, long jump B, 2nd, 4.26m; Louise Shaw, 200m A, 3rd, 28.0 secs, 100m A, 1st, 13.5 secs; Sarah Jowett, 200m A, 2nd, 31.4 secs; Kimberley Bridges, discus B, 1st, 19.52m; Eve Hardbattle, 1500m A, 3rd, 5 min 29.9 secs; Hayley Briscoe, 1500m B, 2nd, 5 min 42.0 secs; Abby Gowland, javelin B, 1st, 19.48m; Jasmine Kerry, 800m A, 2min 38.3secs; Katie Shepherd, 800m B, 3rd, 2min 51.9secs; Ashley Dixon, 100m B, 2nd, 14.3 secs; Bromley, Jowett, D Welsh and Shaw, 4x100m, 2nd, 55.9secs.