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Wakefield District Harriers Open T&F Meeting
Incorporating Club Championships

Results by: Bryan Murray

17th September 2000 - Thornes Park, Wakefield

Wakefield Harriers held their annual open meeting recently, which included the club's own championship. The recent wet spell thankfully abetted for the duration of the track and field programme.

Competitors came from all corners of the North of England area to compete in one of last meetings of the 2000 season.

Individual Wakefield Harriers results:

U11 boys:
80m: Chris Brennan 12.1 (1st, club champion), Simon Taylor 12.2 (2nd); 600m: Simon Taylor 2:20.0 (5th, club champion); long jump: Michael Knighton 3.49m (1st, club champion), Nicholas Reid 3.32m (3rd); shot putt: Michael Knighton 5.23 (2nd, club champion), Chris Brennan 4.30m (3rd).

U13 boys:
100m: Lewis Tatt 13.6 (1st), Scott Howe 14.9 (club champion); 200m: Lewis Tatt 27.9 (1st), John Paul Dales 32.0 (4th) (club champion); long jump: Jamie Wilson 3.89m (1st, club champion), Scott Howe 3.67m (3rd); high jump: Jamie Wilson 1.35m (1st, club champion), Chris Lockwood 1.20m (2nd); shot putt: Jamie Wilson 6.34 (1st, club champipn), Scott Howe 6.07 (2nd), Jamie Richardson 5.56 (3rd).

U15 boys:
100m: Edward Beaumont 12.4 (1st, club champion); 200m: Edward Beaumont 25.6 (1st, club champion), Justin Howell 27.9 (2nd).

U17 men:
100m: John Uridge 11.4 (1st, club champion); 200m: John Uridge 23.2 (1st, club champion); 400m: Andrew Thrower 59.5 (2nd, club champion); 1500m: Steve Faulkner 4:32.2 (1st, club champion); javelin: Mark Lindsay 57.29m (1st, club champion); high jump: Martin Bernard 2.00m (1st, club champion).

Junior/senior men:
100m: Matt Young 11.4 (1st, club champion), Richard Higson-Blythe 11.6 (2nd); 200m: Matt Young 23.0 (1st, club champion), James Davies 23.2 (2nd); 400m: James Davies 51.9 (2nd, club champion), Craig Heppenstall 53.4 (3rd); l500m: Steve Tibbs 4:21.1 (3rd club champion); hammer: Rob Taylor 49.65 (2nd, club champion); discus: Paul Sutcliffe 36.73 (4th, club champion); javelin: Gareth Hall 41.30 (2nd, club champion).

U11 girls:
80m: Samantha Lambert 12.0 (1st, club champion), Mikaela Harrison 12.2 (2nd); 600m: Samantha Lambert 2:01.2 (2nd, club champion); shot putt: Amy Smeaton 4.52 (3rd, club champion).

U13 girls:
javelin: Chloe Beckett 24.50 (1st, club champion); 100m: Louise Shaw 13.4 (1st, club champion); 200m: Louise Shaw 27.0 (1st, club champion), Louise Williams 30.9 (3rd); high jump: Chloe Beckett 1.15m (3rd, club champion); shot putt: Chloe Beckett 8.63m (1st, club champion), Laura Teasdale 8.48 (2nd), Bernadette Adeyilexa 7.40m (3rd); 800m: Hayley Briscoe 2:46.8 (3rd, club champion).

U15 girls:
100m: Laura Robinson 12.8 (1st, club champion), Nicole Welsh 12.9 (2nd); 200m: Laura Robinson 26.1 (1st, club champion), Nicole Welsh 27.0 (2nd); 800m: Zoe Gowland 2:32.3 (3rd, club champion); long jump: Nicole Welsh 4.73m (1st club champion); high jump: Elaine Doder 1.20m (5th, club champion); javelin: Kimberley Bridges 21.29m (1st), Abby Gowland 19.65 (2nd).

U17 women
100m: Vicky Lambert 12.9 (1st, club champion), Victoria Lockwood 28.8 (3rd); 300m: Vicky Lambert 45.9 (1st, club chaTpion), Rebecca Reed 50.5 (3rd); 80m hurdles: Emily Mason 12.5 (1st, club champion); high jump: Emily Mason 1.54 (1st, club champion), Kim Nallon 1.45 (3rd); shot putt: Sarah Nicholls 7.84m (1st, club champion), Victoria Lockwood 5.64 (2nd); hammer: Sarah Drake 36.62m (1st, club champion).

Junior/senior women:
100m: Fiona Westwood 12.4 (1st, club charnpion), Louise Brear 12.9 (2nd); 200m: Louise Brear 26.6 (1st, club champion); 400m: Helen Singleton 62.9 (1st, club champion), Kerry Dobson 63.3 (2nd); 400m hur dles: Kerry Dobson 69.7 (1st, club champion), Janet Robinson 71.6 (2nd); long jump: Fiona Westwood 5.87 (1st, club champion), Katie Richardson 5.10m; discus: Donna Calvert 37.33m (2nd, club champion), Sharon Pryke 29.38 (3rd); shot putt: Sharon Pryke 11.00m (1st, club champion), Donna Calvert 10.04 (3rd); javelin: Sharon Pryke 26.62 (1st, club champion); hammer: Helen Taylor 46.39m (1st, club champion).