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Northern Womens League
Division 4EC

Report by:Bryan Murray

6th August 2000 - Costello Stadium, Hull

Jubilant Wakefield Harriers triumphed in convincing style in their final match in the Northern Women's League, held at Hull's Costello Stadium. The result ensured promotion to the next level of competition, a great achievement by Harriers.

So much did Harriers dominate the meeting, that their athletes secured either first or second place in every A and B event which totalled 50. In most of the track events, Wakefield scored maximum points in all the age groups.

In the relay events, a potential clean sweep for Harriers was upset by Chesterfield AC, who won the U15 4x100m event.

Individual Results:

A events: 100m: Louise Brear 13.2 (1st); 200m: Louise Brear 28.4 (1st); 400m: Becky Fender 2:32.7 (1st); 1500m: Laura Sheard 5:29.8 (1st); 3000m: Samantha Colley 12.28.2 (1st); 100m hurdles: Kirsty Hodson (1st); 400m hurdles: Kirsty Hodson 74.4 (1st); discus: Donna Calvert 35.81 (1st); hammer: Sarah Drake 33.64 (1st); high jump: Kirsty Hodson 1.40m (2nd); javelin: Sharon Pryke 26.24 (2nd); long jump: Louise Brear 4.59 (1st); shot putt: Sharon Pryke 10.80 (1st); triple jump: Ruth Laybourn 9.49 (1st).

B events: 100m: Janet Robinson 13.4 (1st); 200m: Janet Robinson 28.0 (1st); 400m: Amy Ridsdale 79.5 (1st); 100m hurdles: Kerry Dobson (1st); 400m hurdles: Kerry Dobson 74.6 (1st); discus: Amy Ridsdale 21.07 (1st); hammer: Val Collier 21.46 (1st); high jump: Alex Carr 1.30m (2nd); javelin: Val Collier 9.82 (2nd); long jump: Kerry Dobson 4.28 (1st); shot putt: Sharon Pryke 9.75 (1st); triple jump: Alex Carr 8.92 (1st); javelin: Sarah Drake (4th); long jump: Vicky Lambert 5.15 (1st); shot putt: Sarah Nicholls 7.31 m (2nd); 4x100m relay - Janet Robinson, Kirsty Hodson, Louise Brear, Amy Ridsdale - 1st, 4x400m relay - Becky Fender, Alex Carr, Louise Brear, Kerry Dobson - 1st.

Under 17:

A events: 100m: Victoria Lockwood 13.6 (1st); 200m: Vicky Lambert 26.9 (1st); 300m: Vicky Lambert 49.5 (1st); 800m: Aine Hoban 2.36.8 (1st); 80m hurdles: Emily Mason 12.8 (1st); 300m hurdles: Ruth Laybourn 53.4 (1st); high jump: Emily Mason 1.50m (1st).

B events: 100m: Linda Jowett 14.2 (1st); 200m: Ruth Laybourn 28.7 (1st); 300m; Linda Jowett 52.7 (1st); 800m: Sam Colley 2.39.0 (1st); 80m hurdles: Aine Hoban (1st); 300m hurdles: Beckie Reid 56.1 (1st); high jump: Aine Hoban (2nd); javelin: Linda Jowett (2nd); long jump: Vicky Lockwood 4.29 (1st); shot putt: Sam Colley (1st); U17 4x100m relay, Wakefield - Vicky Lambert, Ruth Laybourn, Linda Jowett, Vicky Lockwood - 1st.

Under 15:

A events: 100m: Laura Robinson 13.1 (1st); 200m: Laura Robinson 27.3 (1st); 800m: Zoe Gowland 2:29.4 (1st); 1500m: Jan Faulkner 5.38 8 (2nd); 75m hurdles: Amy Fozzard 12.6 (2nd); discus: Amy Fozzard 20.99 (2nd); high jump: Rebecca Wild 1.32 (3rd); javelin: Abby Gowland 18.20 (2nd); long jump: Nicole Welsh 4.64 (1st); shot putt: Amy Fozzard 8.28 (1st); U15 4x100m relay: Wakefield - Laura Robinson, Nicole Welsh, Abby Gowland, Zoe Gowland - 2nd.

B events: 100m: Nicole Welsh 13.4 (2nd); 200m: Zoe Gowland 29.7 (3rd); 800m: Abby Gowland 2:55.8 (2nd); 1500m: Jasmine Kerry 5:46.9 (1st); discus: Zoe Gowland 13.32 (3rd); high jump: Jasmine Kerry 1.20 (3rd); javelin: Rebecca Wild 16.61 (1st); long jump: Jasmine Kerry 4.16 (2nd).

Match result: 1 Wakefield Harriers 444; 2 Grimsby 242; 3 Chesterfield and District 261; 4 Wombwell 148; 5 Goole 54.

Final league table: 1 Wakefield Harriers 1337.5; 2 Grimsby 727; 3 Chesterfield 612; 4 Wombwell 393.5; 5 Goole 153.