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McDonald's Girls YA League

Report by:Bryan Murray
Photo by: Steve Crosland - Sports Action Photography - Tel. 01924 275942

2nd July 2000 - Robin Park Stadium, Wigan

Aine Hoban - U17 800m

Wakefield Harriers travelled to Robin Park in Wigan for the second match of three in the Girls McDonald's Premier League - and came back with a third place. The club had several athletes missing for various reasons, with a tough match ensuing, especially against the home club.

Many of the athletes had to perform in events that maybe weren't their strongest, but they nevertheless did well to earn some valuable match points.

U15 sprinters Laura Robinson and Nicole Welsh both won in the A and B races respectively, producing excellent times along the way. Robinson had a sprint double after winning the longer 200m sprint by several metres. Lindsey Green also had a good day winning the B U15 long jump.

In the B shot, Laura Teasdale won the U13 age group, while notable second places came from Vicky Lambert, Vicki Lockwood, Amy Fozzard, Olivia Smith, Zoe Gowland, Sara Delahunt, Lisa Hall and Louise Shaw.

The final match totals saw Wigan Harriers clear winners on 443 points, with weakened Wakefield finishing third, although they were only seven points behind runners-up Gateshead Harriers.

Match result: Wigan District Harriers 443, Gateshead Harriers 321, Wakefield Harriers 314, Bingley Harriers 294, Hull Springhead 227, Spenborough and District 221, Tynedale 174, North Shields Polytechnic 139.

Individual results:
A events - U13: 800m: Sara Delahunt 2:40:8 (2nd); 75m: Louise Shaw 10.1 (2nd); 70m hurdles Laura Teasdale 13.8 (4th); 150m: Louise Shaw 20:3 (2nd); long jump: Zoe Smeaton 3:54 (6th); 1200m: Jaydene Wright 4:24.1 (5th); shot putt: Chloe Beckett 7.52 (2nd); 4x100m relay - Louise Shaw, Danielle Welsh, Sarah Jowett and Katy Shepherd 57.4 (2nd).

B events - U13: 800m: Katy Shepherd 2:50.6 (4th); 75m: Danielle Welsh 11.5 (5th); 70m hurdles: Chloe Beckett 18.2 (7th); 150m: Sarah Jowett 22.9 (4th); long jump: Sarah Jowett 3.40m (5th); 1200m H Bridge 4:26.4 (3rd); shot putt: Laura Teasdale 7.22 (1st).

A events - U15: 100m: Laura Robinson 12.9 (1st); 75m hurdles: Amy Fozzard 12.4 (2nd); 800m: Carly Wright 2:30.1 (6th); 200m: Laura Robinson 26.1 (1st); 1500m: Zoe Gowland 5:08.5 (2nd); high jump: Amy Fozzard 1.35 (5th); shot putt: Olivia Smith 6.20m (8th); long jump: Amy Fozzard 4.74m (2nd); discus: Carly Wright 14.36m (6th); 4x100m relay team - Laura Robinson, Olivia Smith, Lindsey Green and Nicole Welsh 52.5 (3rd).

B events - U15: 100m: Nicole Welsh 13:1 (1st); 75m hurdles: Carly Wright 16.0 (6th); 800m: Lisa Hall 2:35.7 (2nd); 200m: Olivia Smith 27:1 (2nd); 1500m: Jan Faulkner 5:49:4 (5th); high jump: Rebecca Wild 1.25 (3rd); javelin: Rebecca Wild 12.15m (3rd); shot putt: Nicole Welsh 5.81 (5th); long jump: Lindsey Green 4:60 (1st); discus: Lisa Hall 12.94 (6th).

A events - U17: 100m: Vicky Lambert 12.9 (4th); 3000m: Samantha Colley 11:50.4 (4th); 80m hurdles: - Kimberley Nallon 14.4 (5th); 800m: Aine Hoban 2:29.4 (3rd); 200m: Vicki Lockwood 27.5 (5th); shot putt: Sarah Nicholls 6.72m (6th); javelin: Kimberley Nallon 18.57 (5th); high jump: Kimberley Nallon 1.40 (5th); discus: S Drake 21.62 (3rd); 300m: Aine Hoban 47.9 (6th); long jump: Vicky Lambert 4.89 (2nd); 4x100m relay - Vicki Lockwood, Vicky Lambert, Linda Jowett and Becka Reid 54.2 (3rd).

B events - U17: 100m: Vicki Lockwood 13.2 (2nd); 80m hurdles: Aine Hoban 18.2 (4th); 800m B Reid 3:11.9 (3rd); 200m: Linda Jowett 29.2 (3rd); shot putt: Sarah Drake 6.08 (3rd); javelin: Sarah Drake 13.28 (4th); high jump: Becka Reid 1.15 (5th); discus: Sarah Nicholls 20.34 (2nd); 300m: Linda Jowett 57.0 (5th); long jump: Vicki Lockwood 4.49 (2nd).