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McDonald's Girls YA League

Report by:Bryan Murray

21st May 2000 - Princess Mary Stadium, Cleckheaton

Wakefield Harriers had to settle for third spot in the first match in the Mcdonald's Girls League at Cleckheaton. Missing several athletes, Wakefield competed well in the cold weather during the day. Wakefield's first places were few and far between, but some good competition enabled the women to gain some top points.

A Wakefield double came in the U17 long jump A and B events, with Kim Nallon and Emily Mason triumphant. Nallon also reigned supreme in the 80m hurdles B event.

Vicky Lockwood had a good day, winning the B long jump, while Vicky Lambert's splendid jump of 4.99m in the A long jump secured her runners-up spot.

In the U15 girls section, Laura Robinson produced excellent times in both sprints, only to be pipped by Wigan's Amy Spencer - named athlete of the match - in both the 100m and 200m.

Lindsey Green had reason for cheer after winning the U15 long jump B event, while in the U13 age group, Louise Shaw finished 2nd in the 75m and 150m competitions.

Some super baton changing was shown by Wakefield athletes in the relay events, with the U13s and U15s team both finishing an encouraging 2nd.

Individual results:
U17: 100m A: Vicky Lockwood 13.2 (5th), B: Faith Grant 16.5 (6th); 200 A: Vicky Lambert 26.1 (2nd), B: Lucy Martin 29.9 (6th); 300m A: Vicky Lambert 42.01 (2nd), Vicky Lockwood 48.1 (5th); 1500m A: Aine Hoban 5:11.7 (5th), B: Faith Grant 6:01.3 (3rd ); 3000m A: Sam Colley 12:02.8 (6th); 80m hurdles A: Emily Mason 12.7 (3rd), B; Kim Nallon 15.1 (1st); 300m hurdles: Emily Mason 51.7 (4th); discus A: Sarah Drake 19.45m (3rd), Sarah Nicholls 14.68m (3rd); high jump A: Emily Mason 1.53m (1st), B: Kim Nallon 1.40m (1st); javelin A: Kim Nallon 22.25m (3rd), B: Sarah Drake 14.41m (3rd); long jump A: Vicky Lambert 4.99m (2nd), B: Vicky Lockwood 4.45 (1st); shot putt A: Sarah Nicholls 6.63 (4th), B: Sarah Drake 5.69.

U15: 100m A: Laura Robinson 13.0 (2nd), B: Nicole Welsh 13.8 (3rd); 200m A: Laura Robinson 26.3 Olivia Smith 27.6 (2nd); 800m A: Carly Wright 2:29.8 (5th), B: Lisa Hall 2:35.6 (3rd); 1500m A: Jan Faulkner 5:32.5 (7th), B: Jasmin Kerry 5:38.6 (4th); 75m hurdles A: Amy Fozzard 12.5 (2nd), B: Laura Goult 15.7 (5th), discus A: Lisa Hall 14.28 (7th) B: Carly Wright 13.99 (4th); high jump A: Amy Fozzard 1.35 (equal 3rd) , B: Rebecca Wild 1.25 (3rd); javelin A: Abby Gowland 16.85 (5th), B: Rebecca Wild 13.16 (4th); long jump A: Amy Fozzard 4.63m (3rd), B: Lindsay Green 4.51m (1st); shot putt B: Nicole Welsh 6.07 (7th).

U13: 75 m A: Louise Shaw 10.5 (2nd), B: Emily Locker 11.5 (4th); 150m A: Louise Shaw 20.7 (2nd), B: Sarah Jowett 22.2 (3rd); 800m A: Zoe Smeaton 3:01.0 (6th), B: Danielle Welsh 3.23.2 (5th); 1200m A: Jadine Wright 4:26.5 (5th) B: Hayley Briscoe 4:34.3 (3rd); 70m hurdles A: Danielle Welsh 17.4 (6th); long jump A: Zoe Smeaton 3.22 (7th), B: Sarah Jowett 3.22 (5th); shot putt A: Chloe Beckett 6.66 (2nd), B: Lucy Perkin 6.49 (1st)

Relays U13 4x100m: Danielle Welsh, Emily Locker, Sarah Jowett, Louise Shaw, 58.4 (2nd); U15 4x100m: Olivia Smith, Laura Robinson, Lindsay Green, Nicole Welsh 53.0 (2nd); U17 4x100m: Emily Mason, Vicky Lambert, Sam Colley, Vicky Lockwood 55.0 (4th).