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McDonald's Boys YA League

Report by:Bryan Murray

23rd July 2000 - Costello Stadium, Hull

Wakefield Harriers U17 McDonald's boys team completed their Young Athletes League campaign with a fixture at Costello Stadium, Hull.

The U17 age group were unable to field a strong team, due to injuries and athletes being unavailable. Nevertheless, the club athletes responded well to produce some good performances during the day.

Martin Bernard was named man of the match after his leap of 1.75m in the high jump. Mark Lindsay threw 57.77m to win the javelin event, while Steve Faulkner came home first in the 800m and second in the 400m.

Charles Handley also scooped three first places in the discus, shot putt and hammer events, in the U15 age group. In the same age group, Daniel Cooper also won three events, the 1500m, pole vault and 80m hurdles B competition. William Maddock also secured a double victory in the 100m B and 400m A events.

The U13 boys competition saw Chris Saunders triumph in the long jump and Chris Lockwood win the B shot putt. The Harriers track award was won by Joe Cherry for his time of 25.4 secs in the 200m, with fellow Harrier Chris Saunders wining the field award for his effort of 3.95m in the long jump.

Individual results:
U17: 400m A - Steve Faulkner 55.9 (2nd); 800m A - Steve Faulkner 2.06.9 (1st); 1500 Steeplechase A - Martin Bernard 5:24.4 (1st); high jump A - Martin Bernard 1.75m (1st); shot putt A - Mark Lindsay 10.20m (3rd); hammer A - Martin Bernard 24.06 (3rd); B - Steve Faulkner 14.22 (2nd); javelin A - Mark Lindsay 57.77 (1st).

U15: 100m A - Edward Beaumont 12.3 (3rd), B - William Maddock 12.5 (1st); 200m A - Edward Beaumont 24.8 (2nd) B - Joe Cherry 25.4 (1st); 400m A - William Maddock 54.9 (1st ); B Joe Cherry 58.9 (2nd); 800m A - Ian Wainwright 2:20.9 (3rd), B - Sam Handforth 2:23.1 (2nd); 1500m B - Daniel Cooper 4.57.6 (1st), A - Richard Cooper 4:51.5 (2nd); 80m hurdles A - Richard Cooper 13.8 (2nd), B - Daniel Cooper 15.4 (1st); high jump A - William Maddock 1.50m (2nd), B - Daniel Galpin 1.25m (2nd); pole vault A - Daniel Cooper 2.10m (1st); long jump A - Ian Wainwright 4.88 (3rd), B - Sam Handforth (2nd); shot putt A - Charles Handley 30.24 (1st), B - Edward Beaumont 9.77 (1st); discus A - Charles Handley 30.24 (1st), B - Tom McKinnell 19.19 (1st); hammer A - Charles Handley 38.52 (1st), B - Daniel Galpin 18.11m (3rd); javelin A - Tom McKinnell 32.74m (1st), B - Daniel Galpin 14.97m (3rd); 4x100m relay - Edward Beaumont, Daniel Cooper, Sam Handforth, Daniel Galpin - 53.6 (1st); 4x400m relay William Maddock, Joe Cherry, Richard Cooper, Ian Wainwright 3:59.4 (2nd).

U13: 100m B - Steven Brennan 15.8 (2nd), A - Alistair Leneghan 15.2 (3rd); 200m A - Chris Saunders 30.2 (3rd), B - John Paul Dales 33.0 (3rd); 800m A - Chris Lockwood 3:29.2 (4th), B - John Paul Dales 3:43.5 (4th); 1500m A - Liam Payne 6:09.3 (4th); long jump B - Chris Saunders 3.95m (1st), A - Alistair Leneghan 3.96m (2nd); shot putt A - Jamie Wilson 6.35m (2nd), B - Chris Lockwood 5.51m (1st); 4x100m relay - Chris Saunders, John Paul Dales, Alistair Leneghan - 61.9 (2nd).

Man of the match: Martin Bernard 1.75m, high jump. Club award: track - Joe Cherry 25.4, 200m, field: Chris Saunders 3.95m long jump