Wakefield Harriers

Christmas Handicap Junior Races

18th December 2008 - Thornes Park


Race 1
Tracy, John and Katy's Group
No times were recorded for this fun run and positions were subjected to coaches handicap times applying . Well done to all athletes that competed.
1st   Jessica Eyles
2nd   Sally Spurr
3rd    Abby Roberts
4th    Ben Read
5th    Page McCurdie
6th    Heather Ludvigson
7th    Jade
8th    Rosie
9th    William Ingram
10th  Beth Graham
11th  Daniel Thompson

Race 2
Ivan , Chris and Dave's group
This years Handicap was one of the most difficult to call, with several runners all performing over the season.  Jack Mitchell was the first U15 Boy home and also won the overall handicap race. Lauren Brooke lead the girls home finishing 5th over all. Ryan Hartley took the honour of the fastest time on the night with an excellent 11.40m

Race Position   Name                         Finish time         Actual time        Position without handicap
        1                Jack Mitchell              12.48m                11.53m                        2
        2                Daniel Franks             12.50m                11.55m                        3
        3                Ryan Hartley              13.00m                11.40m                        1
        4                Michael Callaly          13.05m                12.35m                        6
        5                Lauren Brooke            13.14m                12.54m                        7
        6                Ashley Raby               13.20m                12.00m                        4
        7                Jack Richmond           13.27m                12.28m                        5
        8                Libby Greatorex         13.50m                13.30m                        9
        9                Louisa Long               13.52m                13.22m                        8
        10              Olivia Radcliffe         14.18m                13.58m                        10
        11              Sarah Franks              14.36m                14.36m                        12
        12              Louise Whiteley         14.48m                14.48m                        13
        13              Charles Beresford       15.04m                14.04m                        11
        D/F            Samantha  Brooke      Retired Injured
        D/F            Eleanor Richmond     Retired injured

All Your Coaches would like to thank and  congratulate you all for your hard work this year and hope you all have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.